From turning the ground over to the completion of sowing the crop, we utilise a number of options to obtain the best seed bed when sowing the winter crops or re-grassing.

  • Direct Drilling
  • Ploughing with either a 4-furrow reversible or 6-furrow plough
  • Sub-soiler – Mega Cracker, great for those breaking up those crop paddocks and getting them back into production sooner
  • Discing with a set of heavy duty discs
  • Heavy duty ripper, great for aerating those winter crop paddocks and helps to efficiently break them down for ready for re-cropping or returning to grass
  • Power Harrow Combination Drill can be used to produce a fine seedbed to sow the ground in a one-pass process.  The sowing of winter crops has produced good crops over the years
  • 3m Roller with levelling boards covers the ground to provide an even surface
  • Air Seeder


Baleage is an essential element of your winter feed program during the year.  Our focus is on producing an optimum bale for best nutritional value for your stock and we are able to perform the complete job from mowing, baling to stacking.

  • Single or twin mower conditioners
  • Use of a swather to rake the grass and provide nice uniform sized bales
  • McHale Fusion Baler- fixed chamber baler produces good tight bales of baleage and hay
  • Optional chopping of grass
  • Optional application of innoculant (see our up-coming feature article on innoculant)
  • Individual wrapping of bales with a minimum of 6 layers of wrap
  • Stacking


Aeration is a cost effective alternative in some conditions for paddocks that are just not performing as expected.  Compaction is generally the cause and can be seen by those yellowy patches of grass in your paddock or water that just tends to lie there and not drain away.  It has the added advantage of releasing nutrients held within the soil and promotes root growth of grass which is of benefit in dry seasons.  See our Featured Service for more information.


We use a West Muckspreader which is capable of spreading a variety of materials from Solid Dung, Slurry, Poultry Manure, Compost and Long Straw Box Manure.  The large fully contained bin of this muckspreader is ideal for containing wet sloppy material so that no mess is left on tracks or across roads.  The large auger ensures that all material is evenly dispersed onto the paddock

It is very stable on hilly conditions due to it’s low centre of gravity.  Another feature of this muckspreader is that there is only low compaction and scuffing of paddocks.

We have a telehandler available to load with a specially built high capacity bucket if necessary.


During the season we are always looking to purchase grass on behalf of clients and we also look to buy grass to sell baleage during the winter.  Any grass we purchase and make into baleage has inoculant applied to ensure it maintains the quality of the base product.  As not all baleage is the same and depends on the amount of dry matter and clover content. When we sell baleage we are conscious that buyers want to know the quality of the baleage, is it suitable for milking or winter feed.



The 6 m plough in action



The air seeder going through it’s paces.



The Muckspreader in action